Anomie Belle – How Can I Be Sure?

An-o-mie : n Social unrest or normlessness; individual malaise; alienation or purposelessness.

Belle : n A popular and charming woman; especially: a woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite.

She first got my attention with the fact that she has toured with acts such as Sea Wolf, Azure Ray, and Efterklang. Of course anyone can pull some strings and get on a couple of good tours but it was enough to make it worth checking out. Needless to say I wasn’t disapointed… her music is moody and electronic. And while it may not be something you put on the playlist for your grandma’s birthday party it certainly could suit certain musical moods.

Suggested If you like Oh Land or have loved any of Radiohead‘s albums released in the last decade then this sultry-sally with her accentuated social oddities will be right up your alley. She even has a fantastic cover of Everything In Its Right Place… and I do love a good Radiohead cover.

She originally hails from the great city of Portland but it seems that her career has placed her in various cities around the world, such as Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, New York, Buenos Aires, London and now to Seattle.

The EP is due out on March 29th but you can stream it on her web page (link below). Then the full length album The Crush will be out this summer. Until then, her debut album Sleeping Patterns from 2008 is certainly one worth checking out!

Stream EP here

How Can I Be Sure?


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