The Strokes – Angles

Is Julian Casablancas sexy because of his music? Or is the music sexy because of Julian? This may be the music industry’s equivalent of the age old “chicken and egg” question and is nearly impossible to answer. But whatever the answer may be all seems to be right with the world because Mr. Casablancas has once again joined forces with his band The Strokes and released a fourth studio album after a five year run as a solo artist.

Although Julian has put aside his solo career for the moment, he still wanted to keep himself separated from the rest of the band as to not dominate the writing and recording process. As odd as the concept of a lead singer/song writer deciding to write and record in a remote location and only communicate with the band via email is, it seems to have worked out well for them.

After an overwhelming and much deserved turn out for their SXSW show The Strokes released their album only days later. As far as the individual tracks go, I would consider Gratisfaction and Taken For A Fool to be a bit of a throw back to their earlier work… you’ll hear some of their more distorted sounds but obviously backed by more money in the recording and production process.

I’m still not convinced thatYou’re So Right isn’t a stolen track from Thom Yorke‘s album The Eraser. And Metabolism might as well be a Muse song sans the overwhelming Freddie Mercury influence. I would also draw many comparisons to retro-indie pop sensations MGMT.

Ultimately, I don’t consider this to be The Strokes’s most original or sound breaking album but it’s certainly done very well! I believe that despite it’s similarities to many current musical acts, which will undoubtedly gain them many new fans, I still think the album holds a lot of appeal to long time Strokies.

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