On Joyful Wings – Seven Swans Reimagined

“Highlight of my day” doesn’t properly convey how much brighter my day is because of this cover compilation… I think it would be more  apt to say, “Blinding light-ray of my day”. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know that anyone/anything could be better than Sufjan (at least in my adoring fan girl mind) but this album will certainly make your day/week/life a few watts brighter.

This is a compilation album of various artists such as Derek Webb, Half-Handed Cloud, David Crowder Band, and Inlets covering all of the tracks from Sufjan Steven’s Seven Swans. If you’re as big of a fan as me you’ll notice the absence of the song Abraham but apparently that is coming later: “What we have decided is that we would put out what we have, and as soon as “Abraham” is all set, we will post that for free on bandcamp to allow anyone who has purchased the album to download the final track.” And so the anticipation continues…

I don’t know if I could possibly narrow it down to just a few favorite tracks… I’d sooner pick a favorite type of ice cream, it’s simply impossible. It’s all incredible but The Transfiguration is one of my favorite songs in the first place so I was stoked to see that David Crowder Band was doing it (shout out to my friend Mark!) it’s truly fantastic. The Dress Looks Nice On You is very different from Sufjan’s original but it’s pretty cool none the less. Derek Webb’s In The Devil’s Territory is eerily fantastic.

Even though it may be missing a track they have added an extra. Borderline is an obscure B-sides Sufjan Song and happens to be one of my favorites. It’s hard to find but I happen to know that you can download it here just input the code on the right and hit download… only then will you see that your life hasn’t been complete until now.

You have the chance to buy it off of bandcamp here for $10.00. And a super-fly-bonus is that all of the proceeds go to Komen For The Cure . If you don’t believe that it could be as good as I say then you can also stream the entire thing and then instantly buy it… because you have ears and will know beauty when you hear it.

I suggest you tap dat.

The Transfiguration

Sufjan’s Borderline


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3 Comments on “On Joyful Wings – Seven Swans Reimagined”

  1. March 31, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    WOW. this is really good! Thanks for sharing! I just bought it. I get to see him in Stockholm in a month! I just hope he plays some old stuff as well.

    • April 5, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

      Thanks for reading! If it’s the same show he played here in the US on his last tour then he plays some old stuff towards the end of the set 🙂 It’s a spectacular show!


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    […] On Joyful Wings – Seven Swans Reimagined (predictablyme.wordpress.com) […]


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