The Kills – Blood Pressures

Yes… they said “Blood Pressures” as in multiple pressures for one blood. Every time I say it I feel like I should use my redneck accent and say, “Gettin’ my blood pressures took at the wal-marts.” But I suppose the album is good enough for me to overlook the ridiculousness of it’s title.

For a while I didn’t really listen to The Kills but it wasn’t because I didn’t like their music, it was because I didn’t need it. I already had plenty by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Metric, and The Sounds so why would I need The Kills? Well I eventually realized that I couldn’t look at my ipod as one big happy family with out them. Something was missing from my “Musical Badassery” playlist and it wasn’t too hard to identify.

To tell you the truth I though I could probably write this review without listening to the album (don’t worry I have) because The Kills have a fairly predictable arrangement for each album. It certainly works for them but after three previous albums, let’s just say that I know the drill. Intro with a attitude based song that fairly begs to be used on a punk fashion runway… drive to point home with a about ten more sex-tronic tracks and finally show everyone your soft side with the closing track and leave ’em wanting more. But they shook it up a bit this time and have several slower tracks throughout the album! I wont claim that this is better than their Midnight Boom album from 2008, but it’s certainly worth the moolah to own.

Future Starts Now and You Don’t Own The Road are spectacular and if you’re typically a fan of The Kills then you’ll love this one too. However my personal favorites from the album may be the slower ones, particularly The Last Goodbye.

Check it out… then go out and buy a leather jacket that matches how bad ass this album makes you feel.


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