The Naked & Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You

I’ve decided that I love this album. But I’ve yet to decided if I should love this album… it may very well end up being another La Roux situation where I decide I love something, only to start seeing it on everyone’s “guilty pleasures” music lists. But I can’t deny my heart, and my heart fairly shouts it’s love for electro-pop.

The Naked & Famous are from New Zealand, which isn’t something you hear very often. When someone says ‘New Zealand” you’re more likely to think of hobbits and kiwi birds than of music. In fact when this album dropped in December of last year their single Young Blood was the first song by a New Zealand band to hit #1 on their own charts in over three years! So either the Kiwi’s don’t have any sense of musical taste or being in a band isn’t exactly the social norm for the young and adventurous. The male and female counterpart vocals remind me of Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis‘s vocal work on their Postal Service tracks. I would also draw comparison to Stars.

No Way, Punching In A Dream, Girls Like You and Jilted Lovers may be some of my favorites from the album but it’s pretty solid all the way through. Oddly enough Brandon Flowers of The Killers had a song titled “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts” on his album Flamingo, but the albums were released so closely together that I doubt there’s any connection… great musicians write alike? Ok, Ok… they’re not really comparable, but they’re worth a listen none the less!

Check it out on AmazonMP3 for only 5.99 right now! Ch-ch-check it ouuuuttt!

Punching In A Dream


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