Patrick Stump – Truant Wave EP

In case there was every any doubt, this EP is proof… Pete Wentz is little more than a pretty little prop in musical make-up of Fall Out Boy. If you know anything about Fall Out Boy then you’ll know that even though it’s Wentz that you’ll see standing front and center in every photo, dressed to the scenester-nines, Patrick Stump is the real mastermind behind the graphic-T’s and guy-liner.

This is Stump’s first project that he has undertaken since FOB’s “indefinite hiatus” announced in 2009. His full length album “Soul Punk” is due out sometime this year but there’s not an official release date yet.  However, he did release a six song Ep this last February… and I’d be so bold as to say that it’s a pretty delicious sample of what’s to come.

It’s far more electronic than I expected but it still stays true to Stump’s punk rock roots. I’d classify it as the love child of multiple genres… so welcome to the world poppy-electro-soulpunk-rap baby, we’re glad you’re here.

Out of the six songs on the EP, Stump collaborated on three of them with artists alph-a-bit, Om’mas Keith and D.A. of Chester French and Drils. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of FOB but this EP has won me over to Stump’s music abilities and Porcelain and Spotlight have officially been added to my dance playlist.

Even if you’re not a huge FOB fan I’d recommend giving it a listen if you like energy, soul, and dance parties.

“Oh nostalgia I don’t need you anymore, and I just hope my perfect stranger, that my kids look more like yours.”



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One Comment on “Patrick Stump – Truant Wave EP”

  1. someguynamedcaleb
    April 9, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    you read my mind somehow Madison. I just bought this EP, and hadnt yet listened to it because I was afraid i was going to stop liking Patrick, but im really glad you gave it a good review because now im not afraid to listen to it anymore! ha


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