The Violet Lights – Sex & Sound EP

I receive many emails a week from artists and readers letting me know about new up and coming bands and asking me to review them. A) This is exciting. B)  It  further substantiates my delusion that I’m a real music reviewer/blogger… Just kidding, sort of. C) I’m far too busy to cover everything I’m sent. But rest assured that there are many many many on my list to review so if you think that I’ve forgotten about you, hold off on talking to your therapist about the rejection issues I’ve caused you… because I haven’t forgotten.

This particular band I’m completely stoked about even though they’ve yet to officially release anything. But I’ve spent the last few days listening to their Debut EP that will be released on May24th and it’s fantastic. This five piece band formed in LA recorded in the legendary Sunset Sound Recorders and lemme tell ya… your auditory cavities are about be blessed with a true rareity… an indie band that actually has been produced well. It truly makes my heart happy to hear something from a band that’s just starting out that doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a garage.

I feel that it bares mentioning that they’re an extremely new band (as in they formed at the beginning of this year) but I find myself sincerely hoping that they don’t follow the path of so many bands that never live past musical infancy. *Insert mellow dramatic rendition of Dust In The Wind here* Their sound seems surprisingly developed for such a new band… but that all go towards their credibility as musicians. I’d classify them as sounding like The Strokes, The Velvet Underground, or a slightly more palatable version of Babyshambles.

Your Love/Not Enough

Visit their page to stream the EP and fall just as in love with it as me Here. I’d suggest keeping tabs on these guys buy liking their Facebook Page… or if you’re a pedifile and/or living in 2004 then you can visit their MySpace.

So my personal note to The Violet Lights is this… Please keep making music, even if it’s just for me… pretty pretty please?


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