The Camerawalls – Bread and Circuses EP

While sitting on the back porch (complete with couches, comfy reclining chairs, lovely lights, and a sound system. See below for pics) with my family I was testing all of my new musical discoveries out on them to document reactions from their various age groups and musical tastes.

My dad’s first comment was that all the bands I listen to these days seem to have crazy names… and I’ll admit that there’s some truth to that (Radical Face, Pomplamoose, Goldfrapp, Pinback, etc.). But his second comment was that they sound a lot like a band he listened to in the 60’s called “The Electric Prunes” Uh, yeah dad… you go ahead and throw stones here.

The Camerawalls are based in the Philippines. And had a full length album back in 2008 called Pocket Guide To The Otherworld, which was good, but I think this EP has attracted more of my attention.

They have an extremely retro vibe about them, sort of Beatles-esque with modern indie undertones. I’m told that the missing element I’m looking for in my description is called “rondalla” which is supposedly the philippino version of folk music. But truthfully I don’t really care what the genre called… I’m just following my heart on this one and telling you that it’s good stuff. Most of it is upbeat with the exception of Birthday Wishes, which is a somber track that is steadily winning my heart a little more each day.

Suggested for lovers of John Lennon, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and apparently The Electric Prunes.

P.S. I would like to thank my fabulous friend Xiomara for this particular find. Also, check out her fashion blog… it always makes my day! My Own Private Xanadu.

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