Josh Garrels – Jacaranda

Note to all my pandora-fiends out there… if you like mellow acoustic country-ish artists then create a station based on the artist Andrew Belle, you wont regret it. You can even tweet/message/email me and I can share my now perfected “medicinal music” station with you.

As all of you clever dolls can probably tell this isn’t a review of Andrew Belle (been there done that) but of the artist Josh Garrels that very fittingly has been frequenting my aforementioned pandora station. I’m not even going to attempt topping the bio that’s already posted online, so yeah… Read his semi-ridiculous bio here. Excerpt: He’s a “globe-trotting minstrel of hope and healing.” I’m afraid a description like that just can’t be touched.

Jacaranda is the fourth album from Garrels released in 2008 but is his first album that wasn’t self-recorded. And while his other albums are good you can certainly tell the difference. Another tasty little tidbit that makes this album that much better is the backing vocals from Josh’s baby momma and recording partner, Michelle Ramsdale.

Lake Yarina is an eerie opening track that I could easily mistake as a closing track for a Burton movie (can anyone say Elfman’s Ice Dance?) as wonderful as it is I don’t necessarily think it properly sets the stage for the tone of the rest of the album which is less ethereal and more earthy. Don’t Wait For Me is one of my favorites off the album, a bit somber but so so good. Rabit & The Bear and Jacaranda Tree are also amazing. Rejoice & Lament isn’t usually my style with the fast-speak-syncopated-country thing in the middle of it but it’s actually been growing on me quite a bit. Overall, it’s a fantastic album and you should grace your ears with it ASAP.

For lovers of Anthony & The Johnson’s, Ben Harper, and “minstrels of hope and healing”.

Don’t Wait For Me
02 – Don’t Wait for Me


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