David Bazan – Strange Negotiations

Gahhh… TGIF&A3DW (Thank God it’s Friday & a 3 day weekend) Lord knows after this week I sincerely need it! But one thing getting me through the final hours of the week is David Bazan‘s latest album Strange Negotiations. I don’t know if any of you are fans of him or his former bands Pedro The Lion or Headphones but this album is medicine for this long time indie rocker’s soul.

His solo stuff tends to be more in the vein of Pedro The Lion than his work with Headphones but Dave’s low distinctive voice is a common factor in all of them… and like I said, for me his voice is practically medicinal. It takes me back to Jr. High and early high school and burning mix CD’s in an attempt to convince my friends that this music would change their lives… my methods have changed but all in all I’m still at it, trying to convince everyone I know how much they need certain albums.

Wolves At The Door, Virginia, Don’t Change, and the Title Track. Unlike bands like Death Cab For Cutie who moved on from their low budget/indie grunge rock sound the second they were able to, each of Bazan’s projects have maintained that same sound. This could be a pro or a con for you but as much as I love the newer albums of so many bands of my youth such as Death Cab (anyone get the leak yet? I’m still deciding what I think of it…but it’s growing on me) if you don’t know what I’m talking about listen to DCFC’s “We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes” and “Plans” back to back, you’ll hear it. But part of Bazan’s unchanging sound may be due to the fact that this album was mastered by T.W. Walsh (former Pedro member and Headphones collaborator). But I digress… all of that to say that if you’re a long time fan of Mr. Bazan you aren’t going to be thrown off with this one. It’s exactly what I expected from him.

“You’re God damn fool… and I love you.”

Wolves At The Door

Wont Let Go


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