13 & God – Your Own Ghost

This fantastic collaboration group with members from the German electronic group The Notwist and the american indie band Themselves will sing to all the hearts out there who’s hearts tend to beat a little faster at the sound of synth used well. While slightly creepy and potentially trance educing there is something about this album that doesn’t let you get bored. I’ve been listening to it all week and trying to figure out what keeps me coming back to it, but the secret ingredient still eludes me. Let it suffice to say that this type of music (techno-syth-trance-ish) isn’t really what I go for and yet I am officially recommending that you check it out.

Truthfully if you like any of it they you’ll probably like all of it, and personally I think the whole album is great. I found the first three tracks particularly… captivating? Disturbing? Enticing? Eh, whatever I was I was hooked for the rest of the album. For some odd reason it resonates with me.

I’ve actually been a fan of The Notwist for years, their song Consequence is one of my all time faves but I can’t say that their albums have been able to hold my attention. They fit a mood every now and then, but for the most part it’s not something I recommend everyone rush out and buy… although you may want to stream it off youtube and double check me on that. But this collaboration group seems to add a certain quality or interest to the music that resonates with me.

Ultimately, it’s moody-electro-edginess may not be for everyone but if your musical tastes tend to lean towards the dark side you should check them out.

I would upload a track for you guys to check out here but for some reason purchased itunes songs wont upload properly and AmazonMp3 doesn’t have it yet (if that isn’t indie fresh I don’t know what is… other than v-necks and ray-ban’s that is) so you’ll just have to content yourselves with this youtube video.

Armored Scarves


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