Volcano Choir –

Maybe I’m the last one on this train so bare with me if I happen to be the only one who didn’t know of Justin Vernon‘s (from Bon Iver) COLLABORATION WITH COLLECTIONS OF COLONIES OF BEES!?!?!! And if you tell me that you knew about this but DIDN’T TELL ME then we are no longer friends. No first or second strikes… this is an immediate friendship strike out if there ever was one. I mean, not spreading the word about any of Justin Vernon’s projects goes on the list of mortal sins… right along with murder, kicking puppies, and the cruciatus curse. But I digress… on to business.

True to the form of the indie band Collections Of Colonies Of Bees (yes I agree that it’s a dumb name) this album isn’t one that is going anywhere fast… it takes it’s time with repetitive instrumentals that are just a little too nonsensical to be called ambient. Personally, I don’t care for CoCoB’s music any more than I care for their choice of band name. It’s really just a noise project from some of the former members of the band Pele… not much to check out in that front. But this debut album from Volcano Choir may have something you’d enjoy.

Island, IS is one of my favorites and Seeplymouth (and no that isn’t a typo, it is actually Seeplymouth… which I have no idea what what is but ‘seeply’ conjures up some gross mental images of all sort of mouth seepage) is like throwing Justin Vernon’s vocals over a Sufjan Stevens song… aka pure musical delight. Still is like a remix of Bon Iver’s song Woods and is also spectacular. But my absolute favorite from the album is the last track titled Youlogy.

If you’re a huge Bon Iver fan then you’ll probably enjoy this, almost as a Bon B-Sides type thing but if you’re not then you’re soul is probably beyond redemption and most of the tracks will just seem like noise to you.

I suppose that this album is not for everyone but I just couldn’t let myself commit such a grievous sin as to keep this gem hidden away inside my heart (and by ‘heart’ I mean ‘ipod’… tomato tomahto, taquito taquato).

P.S. I think they stole the album cover picture from a scene in M. Night’s The Village…



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