Free Press Summer Fest

A friend of mine once said that “Austin is like the person you fall for on your first date… y’know, the love at first sight sort of thing. But Houston is like the best friend that you only realize you’re in love with years later.” And as a life long Houstonian I couldn’t agree more.

So with all the flack that Houston gets it was great to see a little H-Town pride this weekend at Summer Fest held by Free Press in Eleanor Tinsley Park. It’s not an Austin City Limits by any means, but with nearly 60,000 in attendance it’s not a small event by any means. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost of ACL and well worth it for a few days packed full of diverse music.

Over the weekend I was able to see (not counting the Eisley show on Friday Night at Warehouse Live, which was fantastic) Big Boi, Lower Dens, Beruit, Chromeo, Z-RO, a little Cut Copy, plus some other local talents. I wont bore you with all the details but here are some highlights:

Big Boi was fantastic but I’ll confess that I loved the Outkast songs he did the most.

It was great to see Lower dense play live in spite of all the technical difficulties that come with playing a festival. As you see I was front and nearly center, and got to experience just how awkward the bass player’s choice of shorts was.

The Santa Fe based band Beruit was one that I was a little skeptical of whether or not their live show could live up to my expectations. But they knocked it out of the park. They have such a unique sound but as you can see they had a good turn out and hearing them live only served to enhance my enjoyment of their albums.

My personal favorite was Chromeo… my long lasting Canadian bad boy crush. I danced my heart out to his sexist electronic beats and shredding guitar solos with the stoners on the hill and loved every second of it. There’s nothing better…

Anyway, I hear that the heat maxed out at 104 but at some points I was convinced that it was way hotter. But refreshments were plentiful and while they weren’t cheap they weren’t as heinously overpriced as I’ve seen before. And they had free water stations, so unless you’re one who has to consume your own body weight in Budweiser in order to get your music fest on, you could escape the weekend with out spending too much extra.

I have to admit that I didn’t go all day everyday, and many will try and shame me for skipping out on Weezer. But hey, sometimes sitting in the sanctuary of air conditioning, consuming your weight in Stars pizza with friends is the better option… even for a live music junkie like me.


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