City & Colour – Little Hell

Hello all! I’m back in the great state of Texas and thus back in the blogging world. After arriving back in Houston in the wee hours of the morning then arriving back at work just a few short hours later I’ll try not to let this post reek too much of post-vay-cay-sleep-deprived-ramblishness… no guarantees though.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time you’ll know how much I love the talented and versatile Dallas Green‘s work under the name of “City & Colour”. Well ladies and gents… his long awaited third LP was released last week and is worth every hard to come by penny you’ll have to dish out to legally own it. This melody driven singer/songwriter has one of the most stunning voices I’ve come across in quite a while.

My personal favorites are: Grand Optimist, O’ Sister, and At The Bird’s Foot. (Note: At The Bird’s Foot is only available on iTunes. But it’s a STUNNING vocal track, and is a must have.) But truly there are no tracks that I don’t like. I can listen to this album all the way through and not be tempted to hit that dreaded skip button.

If you’re at all into the mellowish acoustic singer/songwriter type of music, passing up this album is like passing up on an offer of 9.99 for unlimited therapy sessions… so don’t miss out on this deal, let Dr. Green take a load off your worried mind.

“There’s a degree of difficulty in dealing with me.
from my haunted past comes a daunting task of living through memories.
if we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall
stare into the past, and forget it all…” -Little Hell


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