NewVillager – Self Titled

This collection of New York, LA, and San Fransiscan musicians known as NewVillager has been tickling my eardrums all day. Truth be told I JUST DISCOVERED THEM, and upon my first listen my reaction was something like this:

iPod Settings > Repeat > Album

and on my third time through I’m tellin’ you… I’m not bound to change that setting for a while.

Their slightly tribal sound makes me want to sound the call to live life and convalesce from all the stresses of life. After the call is sounded I would converge with all my friends among the chaos of strobe lights in the middle of the woods. Time would ceases to exist and we would all be seventeen again (in a strictly non Zac Efron/Matthew Perry sort of way). Is that an adequate description of what this album sounds like? No? Ok, hmm… I suppose it was a bit wordy. Let me sum up: Dis album be full o’ funky-tribal-rock jams.

But real talk, I can’t pick favorite tracks because I like them all… not much else to say on the matter.

Suggested if you like The Dodos, Yeasayer, Athlete, Paper Route, and dancing around bonfires.


Also, I will be working at a youth conference this entire week and there’s about a -10% chance of me having time to do anything more than tweet the song of the day. So don’t panic… I’ll be back.


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