Fox & The Bird – Floating Feather

WARNING: Be aware that this product may contain banjo, harmonica, southern imagery and other components that may effect those with twang allergies.

Well folks, The Dallas Family Band members have struck again with the band Fox & The Bird’s album Floating Feather which is available as of TODAY on their Bandcamp site HERE.

The name Fox & The Bird has been cropping up on my music radar for quite some time now and I’m happy to have the chance to review it in time for it’s release day! I’ve listened through it a few times and my favorite tracks thus far are Traveling Bones, Mister Winter, and Oldest Old. But all in all it’s a delightful album.  Their lyrical imagery lands somewhere between The Decemberist’s and Iron & Wine. And while they have an undeniable twang about them it is hardly an outdated sound and it’s nothing to shy away from.

Some of you may recall my reviews of other byproducts of the community of musicians known as The Dallas Family Band such as The Beaten Sea and LaLaGray… and if you liked those two then this will be right up your alley.

So once again, go buy their album at and then bask in these happy songs and also in knowledge that you’re supporting some very talented and dedicated musicians. Enjoy!

Traveling Bones

Mister Winter


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