Peter & The Wolf – Golden Stars

Has your insane work week left you beat? Is your normal quasi playlist titled Bon-Damien-Bright Eyes not meeting your needs lately? Are you in need of a musical kick start to your weekend? Then do I have an album for you…

Peter & The Wolf’s album Golden Stars is unique in that it keeps an upbeat vibe throughout the entire album. Personally I usually shy away from albums like that because they usually lack content but for some reason this album is alright by me. And it has been working hard to get me appropriately jazzed for the weekend.

My absolute favorite song from the album is Chemistry Set. Other notable tracks are Duties,  Make It Alone, and the title track. As I said before it’s a fun high energy album that I might categorize as ‘circus pop’ (and no that doesn’t mean it sounds like Britney’s Circus album).

I think what attracted me to this album right off was that it had great dynamics that can hold my attention, unlike many new bands. Now I have to warn you that there are actually several bands that go by this name… one is an Austin, TX based band fronted by Red Hunter. The other is an afrobeat group from Wolverhampton, UK. But the makers of this exceptional album is the Peter & The Wolf that hails from Liverpool, England. I’m not going to volunteer a whole lot of other info because it’s hard to find any. Apparently they are one of the only bands around not beating the social networking horse to death. Bravo for them… boo for me and my lack of facts for this post.


Chemistry Set



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