No Internet… *insert expletive here*

As Helen Keller so wisely said, “We can decide to let our trials crush us, or we can convert them to new forces of good.” I’ve been trying to keep these insightful but seemingly useless words in mind this week since our home internet has been out for the last WEEK.

After the horrifying realization that our internet is indeed out there was about 24 hours of vain attempts at contacting a living person at comcast. And even after we did it only resulted in a later computerize phone call saying that we were scheduled for service today Tuesday the 16th, a flipping week away from the original call. Personally, I think comcast should pro-rate our internet for the week, as well as a week’s worth of our netflix, hulu plus, xbox live, and the horrendous amount I’ve spent on latte’s just so I can steal some coffee shop wifi. And guess what? I’m in the midst of trying to finish my bachelor’s degree online… so the whole no internet thing makes that really fun. Of course I managed get myself in a last minute situation with some assignments that were due on Sunday night and was forced to go and steal internet from my pastor’s house since EVERYTHING in Sugar Land is closed after 6 PM on Sundays… oi vey. Thank the good Lord for pastors with fast and reliable internet (not to mention their willingness to let you crash in their living room for an hour).

In other not bitter/music related tidbits of news I’ve been enjoying Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez‘s album Veneer today. I especially love is cover of The Knife‘s Heartbeats. Suggested if you like nylon guitar strings, Sun Kil Moon, or Kings Of Convenience.


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