Ane Brun – Duets

As I said earlier on my personal twitter (@OnCherryStreet), “If the apocalypse started today I can confidently say that I could be satisfied with the music I have on my ipod right now…” And part of what makes that statement true is a little lady named Ane Brun.

I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to resist a Norwegian singer song writer… There is something about the style that has me hooked and I wont apologize for it.

I think it’s safe to say that hands down my favorite song is Rubber & Soul. She also recorded this one by herself and it can be found on her album A Temporary Dive, but Tietur’s vocals add a nice touch to it. My other favorite is Song No. 6 feat. Rox Sexsmith. I’m not such a huge fan of Ron in general… I saw him with Coldplay on their Rush Of Blood tour back in the day and I wasn’t impressed. But his voice certainly goes well with hers for this song. Other than Mr. Sexsmith I haven’t heard of any of the other artists featured on this album. Stop and Such A Common Bird are also notable tracks. As far as describing the tone of the album I would say most of the album stays within moody blues and European folk… either of which I’m a fan of.


Rubber & Soul feat Tietur

P.S. How many of you guys have Spotify? If you don’t you should… and if you do you can go and subscribe to my “Suggested Listening” playlist. I’m constantly updating it with songs from artists I have blogged about and will blog about… as well as some other tasty tracks. Playlist HERE


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