Badly Drawn Boy – It’s What I’m Thinking Pt. 1 – Photographing Snowflakes

Whew, what a weekend. First off we celebrated my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary over the weekend. A massive number of DuPree’s gathered to wine and dine, share stories and enjoy each others company. Last second plans for a visit resulted in late night conversations, listening Say Anything and Eisley demos, then cigars on the back porch. All in all it left me feeling that no person should be as blessed with such a family as I have.

“60 years is a mighty long time, to be married to someone, no matter how fine…” -A quote from a poem written for my great grand parents many many years ago

Anyway, after a long weekend of friends, family, and fun I find myself tossed back into the reality that Monday delights in bringing. To fortify myself against said reality I have a large cup of delish coffee in my mug and some Badly Drawn Boy in my headphones.

I thought I had talked about how much I love Badly Drawn Boy on here before but a quick search in the archives proved me wrong. They’re hardly an unknown band but I feel that they’re often overlooked. Honestly, one of the only tracks I don’t care for is the title track… the rest of it is medicinal. It calms me down and makes me feel at peace with life. And I think you’d be hard pressed to find a $9.99 medication that will do that.

Recommended for fans of Kings Of Convenience, Sun Kil Moon, and syrupy sweet guitar tones. I would upload some tracks for you but for some reason it’s not working. I’ll attempt to upload them later though!

I know you’ll forgive me, for the things I’ve done wrong, I’m sorry I never liked your favorite song.”


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