Metrofique – Swing For Fences

“Does anybody remember critics? Honestly, in the end do you ever remember a criticism you read 20 years ago? No, you remember the music. Good or bad the music stays.” –Ray LaMontagne

There are two ways I can take the above quote (stolen from an old but fantastic interview Ray LaMontagne did). One way to take it is to feel that what I do here is pointless since no one will remember what I say in a few years (or minutes) anyway. The other way to take it is the idea that the important thing is that the music does stay… and it’s the good music that I want to stick around. We all know music has a way of staying with you but what music stays with you depends on what music you hear. So that’s my job… to make sure you hear the right music.

So without further ado, my suggestion for you today is the debut album, Swinging For Fences, from the San Diego based band Metrofique.

My favorite tracks are Chain That Ends, Hollow, and Let Your Hair Down. It’s also an album that I would deem good enough to listen from beginning to end.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it.

Chain That Ends

Let Your Hair Down


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