Kevin Devine – Between The Concrete And Clouds

Oi vey… what a week it’s been. Sorry not to make it by here for a little musi-geek blurb for the last few days. But I’m here now with my mind still intact (or as intact as it ever is) and I count that a major victory against the world and its efforts to squash me. *bwhahahaha* I win WORLD! MY MIND IS MINEEEEE FOREVERRRR! Oh, uh… er, I digress. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Today you should be listening to Kevin Devine‘s brand new album Between The Concrete And Clouds. Since I’m pretty sure that 99% of you reading this follow me (either @OnCherryStreet or @Predictably_Me ) so you may have seen me mention this earlier today. But this album deserves more than the 140 character limit gives me, so here ya go.

Some songs like Sleep Walking Through My Life and The City Has Left You Alone I would compare to Elliott Smith… not an exact resemblance, but maybe like brothers with the same laugh, or cousins who both have their mother’s eyes… and their mothers happen to be twins. You catch my drift? Ok good… let’s move on. Based on the ten times I’ve listened to the album today I’m going to go with 11-17 as my favorite track. It’s got that same semi-depressing religious vibe that a lot of my favorite songs from Brand New‘s The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me has, but without the  “I want to kill myself because life and death are both hell” sentiment. All in all it’s a fantastic album all the way through… my only criticism is that there are only 10 tracks… C’mon Devine, why ya gotta do me like that?


A Story, A Sneak

P.S. This album is currently $3.99 on Amazon Mp3…


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