R.I.P. Madrey…

There are a few things that one should always do in taking care of one’s self. Exercise regularly, bathe often, and always make playlists for your future self who is undoubtedly having a nervous breakdown.  -Me

Obituary for my iPod Madrey:
Madrey led a very full life and was loved by all. Often said to be the life of the party, and always that faithful friend who knew just what to play. Madrey lived to be 102 gigs full and went to be in heaven with it’s recently deceased iPod friend Audison. The one condolence left to those mourning their absence is that the two are undoubtedly putting their dance mix playlist’s to good use by throwing a massive dance party in apple heaven.

Ok, ok, ok… enough of the antics, I’ll get to the point. My faithful friend and iPod died. I am distraught but a new found romance with my recently purchased macbook pro is helping me pull through. Now the problem isn’t affording a new iPod, the problem is that 90% of the aforementioned 102 gigs was on a computer that had a hard drive crash about a year ago. I was too lazy to back it up and waited until signs of imminent death were up0n my ipod. I was able to retrieve some of the irreplaceable tracks/demos/unreleased mixes that I had… so it’s not a total loss.

But today is the sort of day where I’m finding myself in serious need of the “playlist prescriptions” that I’m so accustomed to having. And even though I have spotify available on iPhone Frengers I have lost my ability of simply figuring out what I want to listen to. So I’ve decided to spend the next few weeks rebuilding my music collection and playlists while going cold turkey on playlists and genius mixes. It’ll be hard but never fear, I shall prevail.

So if any of you want to volunteer with helping me rebuild my iTunes library let me know and I can let you know what I’m missing. I don’t believe in stealing music… but I don’t believe in buying it twice either.


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One Comment on “R.I.P. Madrey…”

  1. Audrey
    September 16, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

    Oh Madrey….we have danced many a magical dance thanks to you.


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