Thom Hell – God If I Saw Her Now

Stats are like nicotine to a blogger… it’s easy to get addicted. Life has been so busy lately that I haven’t paid any attention to how many people are actually reading what I write since finding time to write at all is a miracle in itself. But today I actually took a look at it and it was all as I expected in regards to numbers (never mentioning numbers is probably in the universal blogging etiquette 101 book, but I ditched that a while back), but what took me by surprise is that in the last 24 hours there have been a lot of people finding their way here to Predictably Me through the google search term “eisley cigars“… haha whaaaa? I mean naturally I’d come up with that search but it’s beyond me why anyone is googling that. As odd as that is I’d also like to thank everyone who found me by searching “hottest, cleverest, and nicest DuPree on earth“***… you guys really are just too nice.

Anyway, on to the music. Thom Hell is a Norwegian singer/song writer and I’m suggesting him for all of the Paul McCartney lovers out there… so hopefully all of you. And I don’t mean that this album is anything like The Beatles, because it’s more like Paul’s solo work. For the most part album is piano led (with the exception of Hold You and Better Off) and the vocal layering/harmonies are fantastic. Darling is one of my favorite tracks, along with Don’t Let Go. But I assure you that if you like either one of those then you should just get the entire album because it all fits together like a puzzle… a puzzle of a beautiful meadow… with rainbows… and a picnic…

I don’t have the means to upload a track at the moment… check back later or just use the google skills I know you have and look him up!

***Sarcasm Alert.


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