Today is the day…

I hope with all my soul that all of you woke up this morning with your heart rhythmically pattering away in imitation of the mad beats your very soul has been waiting on with the new album release from the boys of MuteMath. And likewise I suspect your psyche awoke parched as a dessert that has been yearning for the rains of Feist since 2007. (ok… cheeseball analogies over)

Some of you may already have taken advantage of the per-release streaming opportunities for both Odd Soul and Metals but just in case you haven’t I’ll say a little something on each.

Odd Soul

Initial thought: Oh my Lord… what have they created. Brain reaching critical mass.
Favorite songs: Entire album (but more specifically Blood Pressure, Prytania, Walking Paranoia, In No Time, and Amendment[bonus track])
Mood: makes me want to get in my car and drive like I’m living in flipping Tokyo Drift.


Initial thought: Stunned silence.
Favorite songs: Graveyard , The Circle Married The Line, Bittersweet Melodies, and Cicadas & Gulls.
Mood: Reading… on a boat… on the most beautiful day imaginable.


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