Housse De Racket – Forty Love

So in honor of my impending trip to the great city of Paris **insert an expletive of the “OMFG-IM-GOING-TO-EXPLODE-WITH-EXCITMENT” variety here** I’ve been listening to a lot of French music lately. And not just bands from France… but bands with songs in French. So if you find a language barrier a factor in your enjoyment of a band then consider yourself forewarned.

Recently I’ve been jamming the electro-frenzied music of Housse De Racket They’re a bit like a stellar combo of Phoenix, Chromeo, Vampire Weekend, and MGMT… but in French. It has been pretty hard to find any background info on them since their website is completely in French. And while I can speak enough French to get by I can’t decipher much of it. But that sort of thing is pretty boring anyway. Their name translated means something like “racket bag”, as in a back you would carry a tennis racket in or something. Interesting choice… but now on to the music.

As I said before, they are much like the four way love child of several upbeat/electronic bands. One of my personal favorite songs is the Van She remix of  Synthetiseur. I also love Oh Yeah! (which is mostly in English thus more listener friendly than some of the other songs). They are on spotify (if you’re one of the blessed people who have it). I can’t upload any tid-bits for you right now but I encourage you to check it out!


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