Scott Matthews – What The Night Delivers

I’ve spent days trying to figure out what other artist this album reminds me of… not being able to place a musical vibe or draw a comparison is a frustration I don’t often encounter, and I must say I’m not a fan of the feeling. At first I would have compared his voice to Kasper Eistrup‘s (of Kashmir). But upon further listening I’d say he sounds more like Horse Feathers meets Fionn Regan meets Midlake. And even now as I’m listening to the opening track “Myself Again” I feel like the answer is at the tip of my brain… and yet it eludes me.

But aside from my need to catagorize Mr. Matthews’s music I highly recommend it. And it’s only $7.99 on amazonmp3 at the moment… get on it kids.

Singer/songwriter Scott Matthews is from Wolverhampton, England and this is his third album which was just released in September. From what I understand Scott played everything but the drums and additional strings/horns on this album… which is pretty impressive. My favorite track is Ballerina Lake… even though it’s a totally dep song. It’s a solid album though and I find myself listening to it quite a bit. I would also recommend listening to “The Man Who Had Everything” and “Myself Again”. It really is fantastic. If you figure out who else he sounds like please let my tortured mind know.

Listen to Ballerina Lake on Spotify HERE


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