Day Of Sound

Today’s post does not bring you a review but I wanted to share anyway seeing as how it concerns music… sort of. You see, I had this crazy dream last night. I think it may have been brought on by the fact that I fell asleep thinking about how amazing December 6th will be since both The Black Keys and The Root will be releasing albums that day. *has excitement educed seizure*

*disclaimer* You may be one of those people who hate hearing about other peoples’ dreams, so I apologize in advance. But that’s the glory of reading blogs right? You can stop reading and walk away while I’m in the middle of a thought and I wont know the difference. So please feel fee to stop if you’re a dream hater *end disclaimer*

The aforementioned dream, and topic of my post today, traversed the daily doings of my brain’s fictional creation “Day Of Sound”. In my dream world new music was only released on this single day. So naturally Day Of Sound is a world wide holiday. And it was amazing… Seriously, while I may shrink from the thought of having to wait an entire year for new music I have to admit that it was a day so amazing that it rivaled Christmas. Everyone got off work and lined up waiting at music stores to rush in and purchase new albums. And on top of that, tons of bands around the world had Day Of Sound shows (basically a CD release show). And since there weren’t enough venues for all of the shows every park and street corner was filled with musicians playing songs from their new releases.

Naturally, I purchased Sufjan‘s Texas album (as if he will actually ever continue with his state themed albums) and Shakira. I don’t want to talk about that second choice… I’m ashamed of my subconscious, and nearly omitted that info, but for the sake of honesty I decided to share. Now… moving on.

After I made my purchases I was walking around the Montrose area and happen to come across a small area where Sufjan himself was playing an impromptu show… I attended the entire show in my dream and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced, or not experienced rather. I was also standing next to Ben Kweller for most of the show, just making small talk and listening in shock and awe. This is the second dream show Ben and I have attended together. I know when he shows up that this is going to be an amazing concert dream.

So there y0u have it… the wonderful dream that was known as The Day Of Sound.


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