Musical Advent – Day 4

She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas

This probably isn’t news to most of you but I quite enjoy this album… I know of many people who can’t really get into She & Him and I can’t say I blame you… you either do or you don’t and I’m not going to start throwing any stones either way. But regardless of your like or dislike for any of their previous stuff you should give this album a try. Zooey Deschannel’s sultry yet indie voice lends an old timey essence to the songs that is somehow classic yet updated. Great for family gatherings because it’s something that both you and your grandmother can enjoy listening to… and you’ve gotta learn to take albums with that quality wherever you can get them.

I love the song Christmas Wish which is primarily sung by M. Ward and it makes me realize that She & Him should really go for the Him & She vibe more often. The only true disappointment on this album I think is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” because they sped it up awkwardly. I suppose this was in an effort to differentiate this version from the version Zooey did on the movie Elf… but I was personally looking forward to her standard version. Not cool you guys… slowing down a song is generally ok… but you better be careful when you go bumping up the tempo on a classic, things can get ugly fast.

Christmas Wish

Christmas Day


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