Musical Advent – Day 5

Hey, It’s Christmas! – Compilation

When you hear the term “holiday woes” you probably think of things like long lines, mother-in-laws, not being able to find that perfect give for that imperfect someone… not me though. When I consider what sort of tweet the hashtag #holidaywoes would follow it would absolutely be associated with my chronic inability to wait until Christmas to give people their gifts. I’m not joking… I’m as patient as a pickle when it comes to joyfully tearing into my own gifts, but when it comes to giving them I just can’t wait. So this year I’ve enacted a very strict “immediate wrapping” policy. I’m not giving myself the option of handing over the goods ahead of time.

And in the same way I was hoping to keep this compilation for closer to Christmas when I want my daily advent posts need a little something special, but alas I once again can’t keep this one a secret.

This album is perfect for the Sufjan lover… reminiscent of artists like Denison Whitmer, Rosie Thomas and that whole gang.

Celebration! by Jason Pearson is probably my favorite… it’s a light hearted tune about celebrating Jesus coming to earth. I’m basically all about it. Also, Greg Perkins’s indie rock instrumental version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel is pretty fantastic. There’s A Song In The Air by Civil Parish is also another one to check out!

And do you want to know the best thing about it?

I mean, do you reallyyyyy want to know?

It’s free. Boom.

Get it here.


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