Musical Advent – Day 7

Billy joel & Rosie O’Donnell  from A Rosie Christmas

I’m not going to lie… when this came on my holiday Pandora station I thought “Dear God, is this Zooey Deschannel and Billy Joel!?!?!” I’m still a little shocked to find that a duet like this exists… but then upon further research I found out that in 1999 Rosie did an entire album of duets. (note to Zooey: If you’re reading this I’d like to thank you for stopping by, secondly I’d like to apologize for my initial confusion. Just be confident in the fact that you’re cute, people like you, and you’re in no immediate danger of becoming a talk show has-been.)

I’m not going to post anything for listening because to be perfectly honest… I don’t own anything but the one of Rosie & Billy (it’s all on spotify though). But you can buy the album on AmazonMP3 HERE if you so choose. Where else can you hear Rosie duet with the like’s of Cher, Trisha Yearwood, Elton John, ‘nsync, and Elmo? Sarcasm warning

Also, since Billy Joel is one of my favorite topics (besides Lord Of The Rings and Dance Parties of course) I think everyone should go and read McSweeney’s article titled “What i Would Be Thinking About If I Were Billy Joel Driving Toward A Holiday Party Where I Knew There Was Going To Be  A Piano”  or  “A Note Placed In The Pay Envelope Of Billy The ‘Piano Man’ Joel”  because these are both FANTASTIC.


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