Musical Advent – Days 12 & 13

Ok ok I’ll say it again… I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday like a good little blogger would have. But the problem is that I JUST DON’T CAREEEE RIGHT NOW. And I don’t mean that in a melodramatic “screw life” sort of way… actually quite the opposite. Because here’s the thing, when life is going good (and I do mean exceptionally good) things tend not to bother me. Things like blogging every single day for nearly a month, and doing my laundry, and any other organizational/commitment related task tends to fall lower on my list of priorities. So my inconsistency with advent blogging is simply a sign that my life has a fair amount of fantastic going on. I mean, if you see that I’ve cleaned my room it means one of two things… a) my mother is threatening to evict my ungrateful ass. (note: she has never used those exact words, but I can’t say it would be undeserved.) or b) I feel like my entire life is chaos and I can no longer stand for my living space to be a reflection of that fact. When life is crazy it’s my room turns into a mirror… and I am Quasimodo.

But back to the original topic… New job, right off the heels of a much needed vacation (to Paris no less), buying concert tickets to see the Civil Wars and The Black Keys (not together obviously), and I get to see my cousin Sherri and her husband Max play an acoustic show this week (and we all know that means impromptu DuPree family visit). So I really don’t want to jinx myself but I’m feelin’ like a baller lately and thus I easily forget to blog because I’m simply not stressed about it. So here is both today’s and yesterday’s posts…

Day 12 – Sleeping At Last

I had posted the link to download their free holiday album last year and this year they have reposed it for free but they’ve added two brand spankin’ new songs. Silent Night is one of the songs… not bad but not really anything new. The real gold is their cover of Billy Mack’s Christmas Is All Around (from Love Actually). Their version is actually really good but I can’t help but snicker when I think about the original version. Download entire Christmas Collection HERE FOR FREE.

Day 13 – Ten Out Of Ten compilation.

My favorite tracks are Santa Lost His Mojo by Jeremy Lister, Cinimon & Chocolate by Butterfly Boucher and Sentimental Christmas by Tyler James but in general the entire album is fantastic. This can also be downloaded for free at noise trade … right here.


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