Sea Wolf – White Water, White Bloom

Alternate blog title: Starting The Year Off Right

My calendar is marked beyond legibility with concert dates for the next few months and my concert budget is shot… there is no other way I would want to start 2012.

Recently I’ve been coming across album after album that I’ve loved for quite a while yet have never shared with you and one such album is the 2009 release Sea Wolf. They’re reminiscent of Arcade Fire and lyrics on the poetic level of The Decemberists. There are even a few songs, like Orion & Dog, that have some Bright Eyes undertones. But aside from having some obvious influences I would say this is a solid A+ album. Listening to it puts me in a good mood without being subjected to an overly peppy set of songs. It’s not too happy, it’s not too sad, it’s jussstttt right.

Suggested for lovers of Freelance Whales, Arcade Fire, Midlake, The Decemberists, and Bright Eyes.


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