Imogen Heap – Lifeline Single.

Ever have those times in your life where you actually believe that you’ve got the hang of this whole living thing? And then some minor change takes place and you realize that the “path” you were on is actually a tightrope, and now you can’t help but look down and pray there’s a safety net? That’s been me lately… not because anything is going so terribly wrong, on the contrary there’s a great many things at the moment that I’m incredibly excited about. But on the flip side of the same coin it seems as if God has decided that it’s time for me to address every insecurity I’ve ever had… all at once. I would liken the experience to an full fledged excavation of a graveyard… a graveyard full of past hurts and disappointments. And let me assure you, it’s just as fun as it sounds.

It’s in times like these that I usually prescribe myself a large dose of Imogen Heap (better known as a “heaping dose of Imogen” har har har) and remind myself that there’s nothing I can’t handle. I find that Imogen is perfect for this sort of season in life because there’s a melancholy to much of her music that I can connect with yet there’s no self pity in it… maybe there’s even a little bit of defiance. And seeing as how I’ve been listening a good amount of her lately I thought I’d take this chance to let all of you know about her single “lifeline” that came out late last year. I can’t say for sure if this for her album “Heapsongs” listed for release in 2013 or not… but she has been releasing these “crowd inspired” songs periodically over the last year or so. Personally I hope she has an album out sometime this year but so far it’s looking like the singles will have to last me through 2012. Which is actually ok because it’s shaping up to be a pretty fantastic year overall… graveyard excavation notwithstanding.

“Rise high, cling to the laughters
For that moment of broken tragedy.”


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