Protest Gone Viral

Many of you may have noticed all of the “censored” blogs on the front page here at wordpress… and there are probably countless other sites that have gone on blackout or have posted a link for stopping SOPA and PIPA. I think this is a brilliant show of protest but for people like you and me it’s easy to just jump on the bandwagon without seeing the bigger picture. So sure, sign the petition and share it on your own profile, I’m all for that, but my hope is that all of you will take some time and educate yourself on this issue. I believe that an unified and educated front is the only think that will actually stop legislation like this from being passed. So here’s to raising awareness and action instead of simply creating a petition that has “gone viral”!

Click Here to read Reddit’s article.

Click Here to sign.

Click Here to automatically be connected to the office of your local senator. AWESOME program.


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