Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again

I’ve always loved Ingrid… just a fact. And after she married Greg Laswell the two of them have nearly bumped Gweneth & Chris off of my favorite celeb couple list. I suppose it would be classified as “chick music” but I happen to be a girl (if any of you hadn’t caught on to that yet) and since I feel that there are precious few perks to being one I’ll take it where I can. Many of you have at least heard songs from her previous albums “Boys & Girls“, “Be Ok”, or “Everybody” since she’s had her music featured on all sorts of trendy movies/TV shows. Her earlier stuff was beautiful in it’s simplicity with enough ukelele to satisfy a Hawaiian and has gradually become more and more produced through the last few years. And I would say the her new album “Human Again” features the most production of her albums to date.

I pre-ordered this album after hearing her stellar single Parachute since I was so taken with song. And then I found that the free download with the pre-order “Ghost” was fantastic as well. So perhaps my disappointment with the album as a whole is merely a reflection of the high standards the singles placed on it, but nevertheless it has not lived up to what I imagined. The first three tracks start the album off strong with a good show of strings and percussion, but there wasn’t very much to keep my attention after that. After the fourth track things slowed down, and the instrumentation lost that driving force that gets you into the music enough to overlook the somewhat predictable lyrics. And even though I wouldn’t say any of the songs are terrible, I have yet to have any of the melodies stuck in my head. My pre-order was available last night so I’ve officially listened through the entire album about four times to see if it would grow on me… it has yet to sprout roots yet though. But I will  say that my favorite tracks are Fire, Do It Now, and the single Ghost. Parachutes is available (in a couple of different mixed versions) on itunes but it isn’t  on this album, but I give a 200% recommendation for that one.

It’s not a terrible album by any stretch of the imagination… it has some great moments to be sure. But I do not see this album expanding her fan base in any way… in fact it will be doing well to maintain the loyalty of the fans that preferred the more melodic, lower key songs that she got her start on.

“No one is gonna wait for you,
so do it now, do it right now.” – Do It Now



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