Mutemath live in Houston

Much fun was had last night with friends and family at the Mutemath show! I don’t want to spoil all of the fun surprises they have for you but I can say with 200% confidence that you could probably sell your first born in order to go to one of their shows and it would still be worth it. I mean sure, I hope none of you have to resort to that… but I trustyou understand the gist of what I’m trying to impart to you.

Last night was the first show of the tour, but the weeks of rehearsing really payed off because you never would’ve guessed it. They play every song off of their newest album Odd Soul but the old schoolers don’t need to fret… I promise you’ll hear your favorite oldies as well! Personally I can’t imagine a Mutemath show where they didn’t play “Reset” so I was relieved to see that they’ve kept it on their set for this tour as well.

I’m a little bummed that I missed Paul’s new twist on crowd surfing (but I wont tell you what it isssss…) when a few of us decided to move from the floor level to the balcony. The Mutemath boys were doing some hardcore entertainment stunts and I was in a dimly lit House Of Blues elevator… fail.

(My cousin-in-law Jessica DuPree, Me, and my cousin Stacy King)

After the show we spent some family time at the house, then drove Stacy & Darren back to the bus in time for their 5am departure. All ’round good times were had and I hope that each and every one of you get a chance to catch them on this fantastically entertaining tour!

Tour dates HERE.


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