The Staves – Mexico EP

Oh my Lord, I don’t know how I’ve put of telling you guys about this band for the last few weeks, but you must now drop everything you’re doing and go check them out. I saw them open for The Civil Wars about two weeks ago and I’m pretty sure the crowd was close to calling them out for an encore! It was that good. Let me just say… they’re like a FEMALE VERSION OF FLEETFOXES.

Growing up just outside of London, these three sisters have been writing music together for years. And let me tell you, it sure does show. Their harmonies were so flawless that they really don’t need much in the way of instruments… and sometimes they went completely without. The theater was completely silent for their performance. There were LITERALLY people stopped in the aisles because finding their seat suddenly seemed unimportant.

And aside from their unquestionable talent, I found them to have a witty and entertaining stage presence. At one point they even confessed that even though they named their EP “Mexico”, Houston was in fact the closest they had ever been to it!

I would suggest purchasing their Mexico EP and the few live tracks they have on iTunes. Below is a live video of them performing “Winter Trees” which was one of my favorites from their set!


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