Eisley – Deep Space EP

It seems like it has taken it’s sweet time getting here… but I’m happy to announce that today is FINALLYYYYYY *drum roll* VALENTINES DAY!

Normally I celebrate this day by:
1. Activating the ultimate leisure mode within minutes of arriving home from work.
2. Convincing myself that chocolate has no calories when it’s shaped like a heart.
3. Watching a Leonardo DiCaprio film (most likely Titanic) with my younger brothers.

I know that many of you probably have similar traditions… but I’m happy to say that you can all add something new to the list! And that is listening to Eisley‘s brand spankin’ new Deep Space EP. I’m in love with this album, and I’m sure you will be too, so it’s only fitting that it would come out on Saint Valentine’s day.

This five track EP shows the willingness for musical growth and change while still staying true to who Eisley is as a band. This EP was recorded in their very own homes-turned-recording-studio, and the comfort and confidence that being able to create in a safe environment like that is evident in the album. Typically I find that EP is usually code for “b-sides” but fans will be pleased to find that this is certainly not a b-sides collection of tracks from The Valley. Lights Out, Laugh It Off, and Deep Space start off the EP with well painted sci-fi imagery that you can connect to emotionally. 192 Days was written along with The Valley but it’s such a unique track it just didn’t seem to fit, so I’m happy to see it making it’s way onto ipods and into hearts. Then the EP closes out with my absolutely favorite track (possibly to date) One Last Song. It starts as a soft lullaby-esque song but 1 minute and 43 seconds in you suddenly realize that you wont be falling asleep to this one. But enough with the details! Go buy it and tell me what you think!

Comment, email, Tweet(@oncherrystreet), or even add me on fb… I don’t care which. Just get at me and tell me how much you love this album! (Also, if anyone is interested in joining the Eisley Street Team then email me at Madison@Eisley.com with your info and why you’re the bigger Eisley fan than anyone else! )


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2 Comments on “Eisley – Deep Space EP”

  1. February 14, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    great review! i love this ep so much already. i was immediately stricken w/ laugh it off. it reminds me a lot of like the actors. and now i’ve moved on to being obsessed w/ deep space. i love the whole thing, but i like to take in each song one at a time and really get to know them. ahhhh that prbly sounds creepy! haha. oh and i think i’ll have to email you about the street team. sounds neat!


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