Kina Grannis – The Living Room Sessions

Ok… so I’ve recently gone on a cover album binge. This post is a byproduct of that fact.

Most of the tracks were recorded pretty well but some quite litterally live up to the title “Living Room Sessions”… Regina Spektor’s The Call and Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine are examples of this, I still think it’s interesting to hear a female version of Flightless Bird though! While I think Kina does a great job on a lot of her covers there are some that I feel just aren’t different enough from the originals. I mean there aren’t many people who I would say hit too close to the mark when covering Adele but she does… and I find myself wishing there was some sort of new twist to it.  The ones that I say you absolutely need to check out are her covers of Timshel (Mumford & Sons), Michicant & Blood Bank (Bon Iver), Firework (Katy Perry). I would also like to note that as much as I don’t like listening to Katy Perry I somehow LOVE her songs when they’re done acoustically… sort of makes me feel like a hypocrite but there you have it.

On the deluxe version of her album “Stairwells” there are a couple of covers added at the end. And I’m currently IN LOVE with her version of Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) and White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)…

So if you like covers I suggest you check her out… she’s a lovely voice that goes with an acoustic guitar like Chris & Gweneth. If you don’t like covers then feel free to judge me, just please do it quietly…


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