Andrew Belle – Daylight EP

If any of you have been following my blog for any significant amount of time, you will probably have realized that I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Belle’s music. And by “a pretty big fan” I mean that my heart oft has trouble containing the amount of love I feel for his songs, NOT that I am a physically large fan. Now that I’ve clarified that… let me tell you about this wonderful EP.

I’ll go ahead and say that my biggest critique about this EP is that it’s not an album… but I suppose that’s more of a compliment than a critique. As usual, I love the perfect combination of beautiful lyrics, guitar tones, and a unique vocal style that makes his music so identifiable. I feel like the songwriting has an added depth yet has stayed true to the original style that I’ve come to know and love. I’ll refrain from posting all the lyrics to the title track, The Daylight, here… but I highly recommend you check them out. Sky’s Still Blue is beautiful and transitions nicely into a newly recorded version of All Those Pretty Lights. While I do have the older version of All Those Pretty Lights I know that many people haven’t heard it and I’m glad this track it getting a second chance. The final two songs are actually live versions of In My Veins and The Ladder… these two songs make me wish beyond all human wishing capacity that I could see him play live.

So there you have it. I don’t think I could stress any further the importance of you immediately going out and buying this EP.

P.S. Andrew, if you’re reading this then let me just warn you that if there isn’t news about a full album in production soon I will be making another blog post titled “A Little Tough Love For Andrew Belle“. You think I’m kidding? Well… I’m 97% sure I’m not.


Categories: Music Review

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