The Shins – Port Of Morrow

They gave me a pretty good scare last year with the whole “indefinite hiatus” shindig they tried to pull. For a while I tied to tell myself that Broken Bells (combo project of The Shins‘s James Mercer & Brian Burton of Danger Mouse) could fill the void The Shins would be leaving in my music library, but deep in my heart I knew that it just wasn’t the same. Luckily “indefinite” turned out to be fairly short and the band announced the wonderful addition of Richard Swift to the band as well as the news that they would be releasing a brand new album. We all have bands that we’ve loved for so long, or particularly impacted us, that we automatically put their music in the “nostalgic” category regardless of how new the music is. So be warned, that’s how I feel about The Shins.

From the opening to the closing track this is exactly the sort of album any long time fan of theirs would expect. One new addition to this album is the presence of some extra electronic “noise”… normally this is something I shy away from but I feel it’s a tasteful amount and adds an interesting dynamic to many of the songs. My favorite tracks thus far are “It’s Only Life“, “40 Mark Strasse” and “For A Fool”

Suggested for lovers of MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and of course The Shins.

If you’re like me then I probably don’t need to tell you to go check this album out… but if you somehow missed le bandwagon de la Shins, then take my word for it and hop right on.

“Now you got this worry in your heart, well I guess it’s only natural, we all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole.”


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