Wesley Jensen – Tales Of A Wandering Man

Lately I’ve found that there are several bands that I loved once upon a time. But like a grade school crush that decides to add you on facebook, it appears that my attentions wandered off somewhere after the initial fling but have finally come back ’round.

The thing that originally caught my attention is that my brother Garron had seen Wesley’s amazing new video on facebook. I can’t even begin to fathom how this video was pulled off, but I give mad props to anyone involved. Normally I don’t envy the job of music video producers simply because I think there are so few truly great ones. There are so many ingredients in the recipe of a good music video because you not only have to have a unique concept for it but the cinematography and storyline must match the mood of the song. But this civil war era music video, directed by Jesse Rosten, is beautiful on so many levels and achieves the perfect mood for the song. You can also watch a making of video HERE.

But the music video is only the tip of the Jensen iceberg. The album is FANTASIC. Of course I’m not surprised by this considering how much I love his old material, but it’s amazing to see how far he has come in in the depth and quality of music through the years of his career. Wesley toured with Eisley years upon years ago and my cousin Christie, now the lead singer of Merriment, was featured as a guest vocalist on some of his songs. But like I mentioned earlier, I somehow didn’t keep up with his work as I should have done. But now I’ve corrected the situation and would like to HIGHLY recommend that each of you check out his newest album “Tales of a Wandering Man”. It’s hard to pick favorite tracks but I would say that Great Empire, She, and Dark Horse are pretty high up there.


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