Spring Time

I would have all of you know that while I’ve been horribly lax in blogging about music, I certainly haven’t been lax in my enjoyment of it. My schedule for the past two weeks or so has been bursting at the seams with some of the best live shows to be found these days. I endeavored not to spend much time at all taking pictures/videos on my phone during the shows, so I could really focus on soaking up just being in the moment. But I did manage to get a pic of most of the bands for the sake of documentation. I’ll post them below with a recap of the show but let’s not pretend it’s anything close to being there…

view from backstage at Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion after Mutemath’s set.

Mutemath (at Houston’s Buzz Fest)

If you’ve never seen these fellas in concert then you’re certainly missing out. I’ve seen them a myriad of times, starting from the early age of 16 when they happened to pick up a show with David Crowder Band wayyyyy back in the day (as a reference for all you Houstonians, the show was at the Maridian… yuck, can you believe DCB played there?). But in regards to the show last week they were as amazing as ever but it’s not the same seeing them in the middle of the day among thousands of people who are all just waiting to see Evanescence and Korn, no matter how beautiful the day is. We were all asked several times variations of “Are you lost?” and “You don’t look like you fit in here…”. I was offended at first but after a quick look around I realized it was actually a compliment. I enjoyed the show and spending time with the family though!

Sucre upstairs at Fitzgeralds


This was the first ever Texas show of Sucre’s and they KILLED IT. I couldn’t decide if I felt like I was at an indie rock show or watching a symphonic performance… I believe it was a little of both. Between the three members plus one french horn player they played every song from their new album and ending with my favorite, “Say Something”. Also, now that their little tour is over Stacy and Darren have announced that they are expecting! We’ve already decided that it will call me aunt so now it’s just time to decide what I’m going to go with… Aunt Madison? Aunt Maddy? Auntie M? Read the announcement HERE

The Arctic Monkeys

They were opening for The Black Keys, but I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan. However, I think their show may have won me over. Lots of energy/vibes for their show… and we all know I can’t resist a band who can put on a good show! The weather was also PERFECT for this show… so that and the St. Arnolds Lawnmower I had may have increased my overall enjoyment. 🙂

The Black Keys at Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion.

The Black Keys

As I said, it was a perfect night for an outdoor show. I arrived there with a belly full of Torchy’s Tacos and good friends, and what’s more is that we had RESERVED SEATS. I’m a long time lawn-sitter and a die hard cheap when it comes to a lot of performances, but I’m not going to lie to you guys and say that paying a little extra somethin’ for an actual seat isn’t worth every penny it costs. The show was as amazing as I expected it to be and I think they managed to put together a very comprehensive set of both old and new material. One thing that really astounded me though was how full they could make everything sound with just Dan and Patrick playing… I don’t know that there is another band I would be willing to pay that much to see if I knew that they were going to play over half of the show with just guitar and drums. But I hardly noticed when the hired musicians left the stage for long periods of time… those two old timers are just THAT GOOD. If you ever have a chance to go see them I recommend it 110%.

Timbre Timber

They opened for Fiest… not a huge fan.

Feist’s sold out show at Stubb’s in ATX.


Once again, the weather was sooooo perfect for an outdoor show. It was an evening filled with the moments where everything seems slightly surreal, and you know that you’ll never be able to describe it, but you’ll also never forget it. Fiest traveled with a very full band so naturally it was phenominal. She had The Mountain Goats singing back up vocals, even though she didn’t use them as an opening band. She also had the members of Timbre Timber playing with her. I loved her set list, even though I was very sad that I didn’t get to hear her play “The Park” which is one of my all time favorite songs, but I don’t know that there was a good time in the set to pull that one out so I’ll give her a free pass this time. Besides, it gives me an excuse to go see her live again! Also, she remixed a lot of her old songs like Mushaboom in completely new and eerie ways. My initial reaction was that I wanted the original version, but in the post-concert afterglow I could only think about how frustrating it is that I don’t have the versions that she played!


I’ve been championing these guys for quite a while now, not just because they’re amazing people, but because they’re an amazing band both on album and live. Rarely does an unknown opening band get a response like Tallhart has consistently gotten on their recent tours, and I think this is a huge testament to their talent! Remember when I said about a month ago that their ep Bloodlines wasn’t likely to leave my CD player for quite a while? Well I wasn’t lying… I believe it’s taken up permanent residence there.

Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band

I only caught about half of their set since I was off socializing with friends and family but what I did see blew my socks off… figuratively of course, but that’s only because I wasn’t actually wearing socks.

Say Anything

I’m always amazed at two things at a Say Anything show…

1) The diversity you’ll see there in the different age groups.

2) The insane amount of energy that is practically oozing off of the crowd.

This show was certainly no exception to that! Several of my younger brothers pushed their way to the front and had their first crowd surfing experience… it’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do but hey, they had a hell of a good time!

The Stepkids

They opened for Mayer Hawthorne so I checked out their album and wasn’t impressed… it was a bit “noisy” for my tastes. But their show was pretty impressive! I would put them in the same genre as MGMT… check out their album if you like, but just know that they’re much better live!

Mayer Hawthorne & The County

This show made a run for my top favorite shows… I expected to enjoy it but not as much as I did! I had seen them open for Chromeo last year and I was amazed at their flawless motown vibes. As much as I love Mayer Hawthorne and his born ability to entertain I will say that he would be nothing if it wasn’t for The County. This is a seriously impressive group of musicians and you aren’t likely to catch a show like this nowadays! Don’t miss out next time they’re in your city… and go buy their album How Do You Do NOW.

Florence + The Machine (TONIGHT!!!)

I’m going to see my gurl Flo tonight! Thank the Lord of all goodness that Audrey happened to look at her calendar yesterday because I would’ve completely forgotten! With the insane flurry of shows in the last week I had thought hers was further out! I’m thinking this will be a supurb ending to a long stretch of fantastic shows… dear spring time, I love what you do to my ears.

P.S. If you want to look at pictures of me and my life and constantly be wishing you were me, then you can follow me on instagram at @oncherrystreet 🙂


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One Comment on “Spring Time”

  1. May 2, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    damn girl! those are some amazing shows!!! i miss seeing live music. shows just aren’t as good as they used to be. :/ and i mean i let shitty fans get to me and hinder the enjoyment of music. i should stop that. but it’s sucky when people go to be seen and not to hear the music. at least they do in dallas.


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