Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal

If you’re a music lover these days it’s so easy to become bogged down with a “bands to check out” list that’s a mile long. And truly, that’s the point of my little blog here in the first place… to tell you about new music, or at the very least to save you some time by recommending that certain albums on your check out list get moved straight to the top. My Head Is An Animal by Of Monsters And Men is one of those albums.

This band has been on my check out list for a few months now but it just recently became available in the U.S. and it has constantly been blowing my mind! This is the debut album from a group of six amazing Icelandic musicians. The switch off between male and female vocals reminds me of Arcade Fire yet the music reminds me of Fanfarlo or Beruit. Of Monsters And Men have managed to walk the fence between the uniqueness and creativity of an indie album and being catchy and accessible like pop music.

My favorite tracks are King And Lionheart, Mountain Sound (which was not on the original album released in Iceland. This is the case for “Slow & Steady”), and Six Weeks but they’re only my favorites by minute (minute as in a tiny amount, not the time increment) amounts, because  If you buy this album on iTunes then you will also get “Numb Bears” as a bonus track when originally it was only released in Iceland.

And as an added little bonus, get it for $1.99 TODAY ONLY over at AmazonMP3 HERE.


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