The Cranberries – Roses

Things that many people don’t know about me:

1. My first crush was Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog (known as Miles by his true fans).
2. I have owned a horse.
3. My favorite movie is Gladiator.
4. One of my favorite lazy Saturday morning activities is watching The Cranberries Live in Paris DVD circa 1999.

I know that many of you reading this may have missed out on the glory days that were the 90’s… and no, being born in the 90’s doesn’t mean that you grew up in the 90’s. The Cranberries kind of come with the territory of being a young music loving, hair crimping, girl in the 90’s so take my love for this album with a grain of salt (or possibly a whole shaker full of it). You have to understand that part of my love of this album comes from the fact that I never thought it was going to happen since they called it quits shortly after the release of their last album in 2001. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, the term “indefinite hiatus” is the new term bands use when they’re breaking up… sort of like dumping someone via text to “soften the blow” it’s really all the same in the end isn’t it?

But I’m so very very happy that they’ve decided to pull it together and release their sixth studio album “Roses”, and I can only hope and pray that it will lead to a seventh album and so on. But in regards to the music, I was surprised at how much this album kept in line with the spirit/vibes of their previous work, especially their latest work on “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee“. But as it turns out many of the songs from Roses were actually written in the studio while recording Wake Up And Smell The Coffee which would account for the similarity. As it happens, these songs were meant to be released in 2004-ish, but unfortunately they decided to follow the advice of their latest album title and called it quits. Naturally I was heart broken over this, but I’m beyond happy to finally have new material from them! Personally I think they should have named this album “Wake Up And Smell The Roses” … so much that I’ve actually changed the album name on my iPod. Why? Because I can, duh.

From the first soft intertwining vocal melodies of the opening track “Conduct” I was sold on this album. In that moment all of my fears I wasn’t going to find the same band that I fell in love with years and years ago a were allayed. I could wax poetic about each song but instead I’ll just say that all of the tracks are my favorite. But if you want me to get specific I particularly like Fire & Soul, Losing My Mind, and Tomorrow. 

Now if they would just go on a US tour my life would be one step closer to completely complete.

P.S. If you’ve never listened to The Cranberries I would suggest starting with their best of album “Stars”. And after that go look up some of the live from Paris videos on youtube and bask in the glory of the foreign indie rock fashionista of the late 1990’s that was Dolores O’Riordan.


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