James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The Morning

It’s taken me over two years to realize that at some point my Pandora station has become inundated with music from this Irish folk singer’s debut album and yet I have not only failed to purchase it, I have also neglected to tell you guys about it!

One could easily mistake James Vincent McMorrow‘s music for Bon Iver‘s since ol’ bonny boy seems to have a corner on the nearly-ambient-folksy-falsetto market, but McMorrow’s vocal style actually allows for listener to understand what he’s saying. His lyrics have some religious undertones but I can’t tell if their negative or positive really… which is odd because I rarely come across ambiguous religious lyrics. The track that originally got my attention was “We Don’t Eat” but I would highly recommend the entire album. “If I Had A Boat” and “Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree” are also some notable tracks along with his cover of Steve Winwood‘s “Higher Love”. McMorrow actually wrote this album during a solid month of solitude spent at an beach house in Ireland… some call this crazy but I’m pretty sure I would find a month of solitude very liberating, it’s an odd introverted quirk I suppose.

This album is currently $7.99 on AmazonMP3 and is worth every penny spent as well as every minute of time spent listening to it.

For lovers of Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and falsetto-folk.

If I were you I’d have a little trust…”


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