Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

I’ve been waiting for this album for over two years now so naturally my expectations have grown significantly out of proportion… but I still find myself loving this album.

It could be said that their debut album, Tourist History, lacked versatility and that many of the songs sounded too similar, but I see a marked improvement in this arena on Beacon. They’re still the same energetic electro-punk-dance band that I’ve grown to love but I think this album shows certain amount of maturity as a band. I still think they have ways to go as a band and further developing their sound but I think they’re getting there.

If you didn’t like their first album (so basically if you’re a person who hates life and being happy) then you probably wont like this one either. Because this one is just as happy, just as dancy, just as fantastic as the last. My favorite tracks thus far are Wake Up (even though that song title has been WAY over used in the last 10 years), Sun, and Sleep Alone.

So there you have it! Go check their album out and then schedule a dance party with your friends ASAP. *Please not that I’m not a fan of the creepy album cover*


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