Grizzly Bear – Shields

So many great new albums have come out recently which means the reviews might be coming at you at a frenzied-rapid-fire like speed… but I just have to tell you about them before you waste another day living without them. I also might be posting a lot because that’s what happens when I’m avoiding major school projects… but it’s six of one and a half dozen of the other to you guys right? A review is a review and the next few days are certain to see you a few dollars poorer but a few fantastic albums richer.

My love affair of the day is Grizzly Bear‘s latest album “Shields”. If you’re not familiar with the stellar works of this group of indie legends then I’d suggest starting with their 2009 album “Veckatimest” because it’s just THAT good. But for those of you who are familiar with them I believe you’ll love the album just as much as their other works. Even though I’m completely satisfied with this album as a whole, by comparison of their previous albums I will admit that I miss the ambient-ish background vocals that I’ve come to know and love. However, they certainly get props for a consistent vibe throughout the entire album, which many bands seem to struggle with. This album is certainly noisier than some of their previous work but it feels like a positive progression in their growing discography.

I’d say that Shields as a whole is very reminiscent of Johnny Rivers in his “Secret Agent Man” era maybe with a little Midlake (sans stunningly harmonic vocals) and psychedelic undertones similar to MGMT‘s album “Congratulations” mixed in. My favorite track thus far is absolutely “A Simple Answer” followed closely by “Half Gate”. I would also like to note the exceptional job Chris Taylor (bassist) did with the production of this album!

“You can’t scare me none, I’m the lucky one.”


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