Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

This album has been a long time in coming but it’s SO worth the wait. This album is my newest addiction… if I don’t quit listening to it 24/7 within the next week or so I may need you guys to pose an intervention.

The Peace Of Wild Things is their first album (other than released remixes and Christmas songs) since 2009. I don’t know the ins and outs but from what I hear from friends of friends who are their friends and industry news in general I know that their label dissolved after their 2009 release of Absence. Regardless of the reasons I’m so glad to see them back and better than ever!

This album is very likely going to be added to my “List of Perfect Albums” because there isn’t a single song that I don’t like. Tamed (ft Cacie Dalager of Now, Now) is an odd ball thrown in the mix but I would by no means say that I don’t like it. I would have to say that Better Life is one of my favorites off the album though, it has been my life’s anthem for the last week… seriously, I’m talkin’ a week long repeat situation here. All of you know how much I love a band with great lyrics right? Well now you do for sure. When I get a new album I like to read them as I listen… sort of a modern poetry I suppose. So with that being said, I’m going to post my favorite line/hook from each song:

Love Letters – “I’ll do anything it takes to get through, I’ll carry you any distance, No one is ever going to love you like I do, This time I’m different”

Two Hearts“Every circle was a line just connected by design, Every part of this reminded me how your heart met mine.”

Better Life – “What is done is done. Piece together what’s been broken. Can you ever give up someone? A better life, A better life is waiting.” Or possibly “All the memories that you live in, Just another door that I’m closing, In hall that’s infinite, But at least I can admit it.”

Glass Heart Hymn – The kids choir singing hallelujah is chillingly beautiful to hear but lyrically the line “I am empty, in my end you are my beginning.” is fantastic.

Sugar – “If there’s a sonnet, That makes you feel wanted, Then sugar I’m on it.

You and I – “Runaway, runaway, runaway, but just know, I will be two steps ahead.”

Letting You Let Go – “I don’t wanna hurt forever, I don’t wanna keep on feeling, I just wanna say what we both know, I’m letting you let go.”

Tamed – “Kiss me before I go and with every step I’ll be turning home

Rabbit Holes – “You’re every bone that I need to break, You’re ever color I’ll ever paint, You’re in everything, everything.”

Calm My Soul – “Like an arrow passing through, Your tongue can kill or it can kiss. Calm your soul.

If you’re planning on becoming as addicted to them as I am then I would suggest taking some time and reading the lyrics while listening. I would also like to throw out the theory that each of the songs in order tells a larger overall story of getting over a failed relationship… just a theory, let me know what you think! They’ve got a lot of tour dates set up through the end of the year so be sure to check out their website for dates!


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